A downloadable game

The game is in REALLY early development. I am 13 so it will take a while for me to make it. You do not need anything to download this game except the file of course:)

IMPORTANT: For some unknown reason all of the games I have been working on have deleted fro my computer I have also lost my 3d models, my code, and my sounds, I will no longer be able to update the following: The Beta Batch series, Silent Screams, and Project X. This is a major setback but I am working on a 2d platformer and I will try to continue with games.

Install instructions


Download and extract the game and run Silent Screams DEMO.exe

When you open it make shure everything is set to max including screen resolution

The game is VERY VERY VERY VERY short with one jumpscare but I will update it as I go:)


Silent Screams DEMO.zip 11 MB