A downloadable game for Windows

The story is inside the game and I hope you enjoy! I am 13 years old and I hope to continue the series of Beta Batch with longer gameplay :)

Beta Batch ep.2 is ready for testing and im working on beta batch ep.3 :)

It will make me so happy if this game is able to actually get downloaded by people


you must have rpg maker xp to play this game. You can download the 30 day free trial:)

IMPORTANT: For some unknown reason all of the games I have been working on have deleted fro my computer I have also lost my 3d models, my code, and my sounds, I will no longer be able to update the following: The Beta Batch series, Silent Screams, and Project X. This is a major setback but I am working on a 2d platformer and I will try to continue with games.

Install instructions


download game maker xp and then run the game:)


Beta Batch ep.1.zip 1 MB